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Required Tools Cheat ninja saga:
1.cheat engine 6.0

1. enter your ninja saga and go to profile

2. open cheat engine and select plugin.container.exe if you
use mozilla fire fox diprocess list

3. click Hex, Array of Bytes, Also scan read only to

4. Scan "a93f9a9999999999a93f"

5. later will get an address, click 2x will go into
into the list

6. duplicate items (copy - paste)

7. Right-click on the first item
- set a hot key.
set the hotkey to F5
>> then click ok then right click in the Address 1>>
change record>> value>> fill

8. Right-click on the second item
- set a hot key.
set hotkey with F6
>> then click ok then right click in the Address 2>>
change record>> value>> fill

9. now playing ninja saga, do not forget to press F5 (dodge
have now will dodge every attack.
10. when it will attack the press F6 (critical mode)

11. Do not forget to switch the mode dodge when being attacked,
and the critical mode when going to attack, because it will
Critical or dodge

More details more info or want to trick other ninja saga
immediately wrote


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